Everything comes full circle


Founded in 2015 and based in the outskirts Baltimore and New York. Chesapeake is a trusted startup. Each of the team are experts in a previous industry so we have come together to create a super company. We want to have a mix of consumer experience, recruiting, consultative acquisitions and creative from the UK, US and LATAM.​


In a world were "Facebook Likes" holds a lot of weight we found that our clients were lacking the personal interaction with customers. We wanted to create something that was the solution, the bridge between advertising and actually creating those end users or new customers! With new social media companies launching everyday – we needed to stand out.




One of our main goals is to maintain an upbeat work environment because happy working people leads to happy customer experiences for our clients. Chesapeake works hard to maintain its cast iron relationship with its clients. We always look to be number one in anything we do and in order to maintain that in the future, we are looking for people who strive to be number one. Working at Chesapeake we aim for perfection




We have built a company that is renowned for providing clients with a quality service and candidates with a bespoke and personal career journey. The world of recruitment is rapidly evolving therefore Chesapeake have developed a range of services and solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and job-seekers.

Increase new customer sales
Increase residual customers through quality customer acquisitions
Unbeatable ROI
Personal connection through trained professional offering account management services
Free, local exposure of products and services
Expert, world class training in various industries
Up to the minute analytics and data; measurable results
Market growth and development; when you grow, we grow


785 Elkridge Landing Rd #160

Linthicum Heights, MD 21090